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Porsche Camp4 Canada winter driving program returning in 2017


Porsche Camp4 Canada

Camp4 Canada will be returning in 2017 with four or five day winter driving programs in Mécaglisse, Québec, which is located approximately 120 kilometres north of Montreal. Camp4 Canada is a time to celebrate winter, embracing the snow and cold. The programs will teach drivers skills that will not only help better tackle adverse conditions, but also provide a more involving winter driving experience. Participants will be under the guidance of expert instructors from the Porsche Sport Driving School in Mécaglisse, where there are two circuits, two large skid pads, and two challenging handling courses that demand every ounce of focus. The two full days of track driving are just part of this experience however, as it also includes four days and three nights of memorable meals, premium accommodations, and the warmth and hospitality with which Porsche has become synonymous. Drivers who have previously completed Camp4 can step up to Camp4S or Camp4RS, which include an additional full day of driving as well as higher speeds on supplementary tracks.

Porsche Camp4 Canada

“In keeping with typical Porsche experiential traditions, we are thrilled to be able to offer these driving events to Canadians who are eager to experience Porsche product in new and unique ways or are looking to build on their enthusiasm for the brand,” said Alexander Pollich, President & CEO, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. “As we continue to aim above expectations in our product offerings, we have the same standards in our events and we are confident that all the attendees will be leaving with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation.”

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